Digital Hominid Cycle - Rick Jones
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Digital Hominid Cycle

Killing Digital Hominids

Digital Hominid Cycle Book 1

n the near future when the art of computer graphic imaging has been perfected, there are no longer flesh-and-blood actors, only CGI characters who look as real as their human counterpart. Having been instilled with artificial intelligence, they begin to evolve naturally with human-like facets. When they learn, however, that they’re no longer a box-office draw they once were, they’re termed as obsolete and scheduled for disposal. Brock Romero, after learning that his file is to be erased and his life terminated, makes a run through cyberspace with others while being hunted by cyber assassins. Their lives are no longer scripted but have been made more complicated through decisions that are now their own. Crossing through many CGI landscapes, these digital hominids fight their way through many programmed horrors while learning about themselves as cybernetic organisms.