Vatican Knights by Rick Jones

Book one of the series, Vatican Knights uncovers a domestic cover-up connected to the kidnapping of the Pope by a terrorist cell called Soldiers of Islam. Time is short; no one is safe.

Available in Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats.

The Tombs of Eden by Rick Jones

Book one of this series, The Crypts of Eden delves into the unholy terrors where man first began.

Available in Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats.

Shepherd One by Rick Jones

Shepherd One is overtaken by revolutionaries asking for the assassination of the five leading principals of the Mossad, or the release of a nuclear payload. Only one can defuse this ticking timebomb.

Available in Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats.

Familiar Stranger by Rick Jones

How can a killer be 3000 miles away and at your door at the same time? Only a Familiar Stranger can truly know.

Welcome to WWW.RICKJONZ.COM, the home of thriller writer, Rick Jones, author of the Vatican Knights series and Tombs of Eden!

Following a team of specially trained soldiers with the sole-purpose of defending the Holy Father, these titles which have been praised by reviewers are sure to light up your e-reading device. If you enjoy Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, debut author Rick Jones should be on your must-read list. Filled with espionage, military action and great plot twists, one will wonder page after page if the Pope is truly safe...


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