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My Books

Home of thriller writer, Rick Jones, author of the Vatican Knights series and Crypts of Eden!

Vatican Knights

Shepherd One

The Iscariot Agenda

Pandora’s Ark

Bridge of Bones

Crosses to Bear

The Lost Cathedral

Dark Advent


The Golgotha Pursuit

Targeted Killing

Sinners and Saints

The Barbed Crown

The Devil’s Magician

The Crypts of Eden

The Menagerie

The Thrones of Eden

Night of the Hunter

The Black Key

Theater of Operation

City Beneath the Sea

Rick Jones

Rick Jones was born and raised in the Boston area and moved to Las Vegas in the early eighties where he graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in English. He is retired from law enforcement and currently resides in North Carolina where he writes fulltime.

Rick Jones is the bestselling author of the Vatican Knight series (THE VATICAN KNIGHTS, SHEPHERD ONE, The ISCARIOT AGENDA, PANDORA’S ARK and THE BRIDGE OF BONES), the psychological thriller, FAMILIAR STRANGER, and the bestselling action/adventure series, The Eden Saga (THE CRYPTS OF EDEN, THE MENAGERIE and THE THRONES OF EDEN).

A Message from Rick Jones

I thank you for taking the time in checking out my website and look forward to hearing from you, so please contact me and let me know what you think of my site and novels.

For my fans, I plan to thank you for your readership so keep watch for giveaways, contests, and samples of my newest titles.

Lastly, I hope, and would appreciate the time and effort if you could write honest reviews. Places like Amazon.com, BN.com, your own blog, and booksites like Goodreads/Library Thing are all fair game. While I understand I can’t please everyone, I hope you thoroughly enjoy my titles enough to want to spread the word.

Again, thank you for joining me here and I hope to see you reach out at Facebook and comment on the blog.

Rick Jones

Vatican Knights

Book one of the series, Vatican Knights uncovers a domestic cover-up connected to the kidnapping of the Pope by a terrorist cell called Soldiers of Islam. Time is short; no one is safe.

The Eden Trilogy

Book one of this series, The Crypts of Eden delves into the unholy terrors where man first began.

The Hunter Series

Hunter must utilize his special skill set not only to survive, but to bring forward the hidden truth before the world erupts into global war.