Action/Adventure - Rick Jones
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The Sons of Perdition (The Genteel Man Series Book 1)

They were hunted once. Now they’re going to do something about it. A former CIA kill-squad becomes the target of a political conspiracy after being blamed for the assassination of a senator. Years later, when one of the surviving members is discovered, a new kill-team is dispatched to tie up loose ends. But when the team uncovers a deadly agenda that threatens innocent lives, they must band together to expose the conspiracy and take down the corrupt Washington conspirators. Can Sage Whitmore and his team succeed before it’s too late? From the author of the bestselling Vatican Knights series, you won’t want to miss this action-packed thriller, full of political and conspiracy intrigue.

Operation Night Blade (The Genteel Man Series Book 2)

When a CIA spy ship masquerades as a cruise ship scuttled by a Russian sub, the Genteel Man activates his team, the Sons of Perdition.

Onboard is the most technologically advanced weapon of warfare: Night Blade, which lies 700 feet below sea level. As the ship sits precariously on a marine shelf threatening to spill over into an abyss, Sage Whitmore and his team must navigate dangerously through corridors battling not only time but a team of Russian Spetsnaz, who also covet the weapon.

Tasked with an impossible mission, the Sons of Perdition must manage the impossible while finding themselves on the brink of global warfare.

From the author of the bestselling Vatican Knights series, you won’t want to miss this action-packed thriller, full of political and conspiracy intrigue.